Important real estate terms

Important real estate terms
In many of our articles and real estate in our website, real terms may be heard for the first time and raise your questions about the meaning, so we have gathered the most important terms of real estate that are of interest to all workers in the field of real estate in particular and are interested in this area or those who are thinking of buying an apartment or a property Or even rental.
In order to be able to deal with any real estate advertisement and understand the types of real estate in Turkey and the method of building and the differences between the characteristics of each property, we provide you with a guide containing all real estate terms traded in the real estate market.
1- Types of real estate:
A group of pieces represents one unit on four streets often
2. Square
It is raw land that is not built and includes several blocks
3. Land
Is a piece of certified scheme dedicated to urban use
4- Building (Architecture)
A multi-story building containing residential units that share common facilities such as land, stairs, elevators, parking spaces, gardens, etc.
5- Apartment:
A residential unit in a building shared with the rest of the apartments in some facilities such as stairs and elevator.
6- Villa:
An independent housing unit that has side effects from at least three sides.
7- Duplex:
It is an independent housing unit and has repercussions on three sides and is adjacent to another real estate unit from one side only.
8- Floor
A full-storey residential unit with an independent entrance often
9- A popular house (house)
An independent real estate unit with no back-ups or yard
10. Exhibition
It is a large commercial store with more than a commercial opening
10- Shop (shop)
Smaller than the exhibition and not more than one hole and may be located in a residential complex or individually
11. Commercial complex
It is a collection of exhibitions and shops within a single building and may be office or residential
12. Farm
The property is for agricultural production or a summer resort and often has a wooden house
2. Raw land
1. Unplanned
Land that can be built with a large area that has not been deducted from it for public utilities
2- Planned and approved
Conditional implementation of services (preliminary planning)
3 – Planned and unsupported raw land
An initial idea may be unworkable
4 – Planned and approved raw land and conditions are met
Ready for urban use
3- Property Type:
1. Ownership of a specific person and specific / specific instrument of a specific person.
2. Ownership of partnership / common ownership between several persons.
3 – Ownership ownership shareholding / ownership contribution deed in common land with the head of the contribution.
4- Types of sales in the real estate of Turkey
1- Selling in cash
Property ownership is transferred for a cash amount only.
2 – Selling installments
The ownership of the property may be transferred against a cash amount that is broken down at certain time intervals (may be emptied at the beginning of the periods or at the latest according to the agreement). It may be an initial payment with installments over a number of months, and the number of installment months will diminish, depending on whether the property is under construction or ready for use.
3 – Selling part of the value of transportation and the other part in cash
Partial Swap.
4. Sale in the future
The ownership of the property is transferred to a cash amount received by the seller after an agreed time.
5. Rent
The process of taking advantage of a real estate unit for an estimated period for cash or an eye
6. Rent ending in ownership
The ownership of the property is transferred to a cash amount received by the seller after an agreed time.
7. Rent time
The process of utilizing a real estate unit for a certain period per year for a number of years.
Real estate development company and many others are difficult to differentiate between even those who work in the field of real estate gets to wear the difference between each name or difference in the employment of the word, so we liked the real estate in Tabsam clarify the difference between most Names and terms known in real estate circles
1. Real estate developer
The real estate developer is a person or a commercial company whose mission is to develop a specific area or site, or to reconstruct an existing entity and to update them. Their main concern is the financial and accounting aspects of the projects, which include under their list the malls and commercial establishments.The real estate developer contracts with construction contractors and full financing of the project such as residential cities or large residential complexes, until completion and we find that the real estate developer spends his time between searching for suitable places to develop and deal with financial institutions and banks as well as construction offices and contractors and find that skill The basic required for the developer is the financial and economic aspect of the project and the income is not in great material risks if it lacks these skills.
2-Real estate urban development
Real estate development companies: They are mostly companies because it is difficult for individuals to bear the costs and time and its task is to promote and raise the level of urban communities in certain areas and these companies can be considered as a type of real estate development companies or part of its functions but here are mainly aimed at housing projects or Resorts and hotels as mentioned above. With these tasks, the economic and financial skills must be available and the ability to finance or provide sources of funding for such projects, so it is difficult for the individual to bear all this alone.
3-Real estate construction & building companies
Construction and Construction Companies: These companies may be responsible for preparing drawings and building designs for projects, as well as implementation work thereafter.Construction or construction companies need architects, and on the other hand, they need people who have the ability to transfer fees to the fact that they are part of the contracting company. The company may turn in some cases when it has suitable financial resources to a real estate developer. On the administrative side, it is more complex and mandatory, but in financial aspects it is inevitably lower in cost and more in return.
4. Real estate company
A real estate company: a term that is not quite clear when half of a company All companies that work in the field of real estate may bear this name, but it was customary that this description is comprehensive either developer or real estate marketer or both.
5. Real estate Broker
Brokerage / Brokerage Company: Companies that act as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer. They often have a number of brokers (individuals) or branches that use them to provide their services, which are in exchange for commission agreed upon in advance with the parties, but there is confusion and confusion In this name between individuals and institutions, but it is very widespread in any case and needs the skills of social communication and the follow-up of the real estate market permanently to see available real estate opportunities and variables in the region in which he is active, such as the establishment of transport projects or vital projects and of course selling skills And negotiation
Real Estate Broker / Broker: He is a free individual or a small office and works independently or with a brokerage company and often has a specific geographic range or the word is the simplest area of ​​his work within it only and this type is also very widespread and depends on the skills of communication and negotiation and sometimes many Underneath it another skill is urgency
6-Real estate Portal Marketplace
The portal is a place of supply and demand … But the portal is much more advanced than the market and what The portal recognizes that it contains mainly the market supply and demand, and we find that it contains teams of marketing and real estate studies and other forms of service not provided by the electronic market and this type needs to high technical capacity and in the case of portals need marketing skills and market analysis.
7. Real estate marketing
The real estate marketing companies: It is one of the most confusing terms, and it is called the brokerage and brokerage companies, but the basis of it is for two stages: preparation of pre-construction marketing studies and the second stage: preparing promotional campaigns for the real estate development companies and there is also another activity that may The real estate marketing companies, which is a brand or a specific real estate brand and of course this type of companies needs a good marketing team and a large degree of understanding of the nature of buyers in the targeted areas.
The real estate investment companies: We have here two different levels under the name of real estate investment companies in Turkey, the first type: is that the company to participate or finance only in projects either under or under construction and its role is only the financial side and follow up – and the second type: Be an individual and not a company and is to study the market and the conditions of owners in the targeted areas and buy or finance real estate in those areas and therefore benefit from the monthly or annual returns on the property so confused and misuse of the name of real estate companies when the description of companies Real Estate Development Real estate development
8. Real estate analyst
Real Estate Analyst: A person or company whose job is to prepare statistics, feasibility studies and market studies, which are provided by the entities that bear the costs of real estate construction. This area requires a high level of economic and financial analysis skills as well as data analysis and how to conduct market studies.
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